Monoski builders in the US and the World.

Coda Boards

Chad produces legendary carving monoskis out of Ridgecrest, CA. A full line up carving skis and traditional shaped skis.

WhiteKnuckle Monoskis

Handcrafted skis from Seattle, WA. A revival of the brand Scott Gordan started in 1996. They are back.


High end monoskis and out of France. Developed with Titanal sandwich construction. One of the few companies that produce a splitmonoski.

Hattori Hanzo Monoskis

Handcrafted skis from La Grave, France. Tom is changing the game with full rockered skis and early rise skis.

Spirit Monoskis

Manufacturer of modern high end monoskis. Spirit monoskis are produced by a small factory in the EU, which specializes in building performance skis of the highest quality.


Developed in Chamonix. Affordable and playful monoski designs. All mountain and powder skis.


Bohême produces handmade skis and snowboards in Chabeuil, at the base of the Alps.

Duret Skis

Old ski company from France. Recently downsized the number of monoskis in their line-up to three different modals.


Donek produces custom snowboards and monoskis out of Colorado.