That's A Wrap!!!

Thanks everyone for another GREAT MONOPALOOZA!!! Mammoth delivered the snow and it was one of the best yet! Thanks to everyone that help organize this event! It takes MANY folks to get this event ready for the year! Thank you. Thanks Boomer, Pete and Greg for helping with the Saturday night dinner. The food was incredible! Thanks Terry for the FISH! Oh yeah!! Thanks Ullr for the snow! Boy did we have a ton of it! Almost to much! We would like to extend a special thanks to the folks that tracked everyone down during the avalanche Saturday. That was a scary situation that all of us handled well and we got everyone off the hill. Thanks to those that helped!

It is this community and family that makes Monopalooza happen! Thank you everyone for attending and continuing to spread the joy of monoskiing!

See you all in Steamboat for Monopalooza 2019!